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Spark is a communication and collaboration application for the workplace. This cross-platform app allows small teams to chat, share documents and have real-time audio and video conversations.


Settings house where a user can configure the app to fit his or her needs. Because Spark is a workplace collaboration tool, it was important to think about what settings were important to showcase to the user interms of priority. 



My Role

- Interaction Designer

- Prototyper











The Problem

Often times settings for an application are buried and hard for users to find. To solve this problem, the first thing I tackled was to determine which setting for important to surface when a user first enters the page. Next, I focused on the wording for seat settings option so that users can easily find what they are looking for. Finally, I thought about how buttons and interactions would change based on the platform I was designing for.  Below, wires of Android and iOS settings are shown. 

The Solution

The most extensive part of the setting panels is the notifications sections. Because this app is intended to be used to communicate with coworkers, it was important to give the user control over how they'd like to receive notifications and what they'd like notifications on. 

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