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My Role

  • Interaction Designer

  • Prototyper

  • Visual Designer











MeetNow is a spinoff application by OpunUp which allows people to use their dead time at airports to meet meaningful people whom they were not connected with before. This was my first time not only focusing on the interaction design of the app but also the visual design. Through the design, my main goal was to give the app a friendly yet clean feel. I used a blue and white theme to emphasize certain aspects of the design.

The Design

For MeetNow, I chose a more simplistic design approach than the OpunUp mobile app. Because it is intended to be used when you're already at the airport, the assumption is that user wants to make the time they have available as valuable as possible. To achieve this goal, I decreased the number of actions to highlight on the main page. Here, the focus is on checking in. Once the user has checked in to the app, other people are able to find them and connect. Next, users can browse through cards of people nearby. Unlike the OpunUp app, the MeetNow app allows users to take action on cards to set up quick meetings. Users can alert others that they'd like to meet or chat straight from the main screen.  



To see more about information about people, the user can simply tap a card which will take him or her into a full-screen view. Here, users can focus on one person at a time and learn a little bit about people's backgrounds that they may be interested in meeting. Once again, users can take action to meet or chat with people from this screen. The swipe through interface allows for quick browsing. 


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